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    Copyright Violation, Disclaimer


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    Copyright Violation, Disclaimer

    Post by Admin on Mon Mar 09, 2015 6:15 am

    The administration server does not host mp3 copyrighted on this site.

    According to the user agreement, the administration site, the creators and owners of the site are not liable for the illegal actions of its visitors. All content posted on this site is provided freely, without any benefit, entering into any commercial contracts between the users, owners, moderators, editors, site administrators and individuals in any way associated with the site.

    The information presented on this site is located, published, distributed by the users "as is" and under their responsibility. Administration Server can not be held ovtetstvennosti for illegal actions of users of the site, as well as for links left by users, and for the information contained in the references.

    The resource does not have its own file archive, and thus control of the site under any conditions or circumstances shall not be liable for the actions of users, including the fault of the latter:

    - The quality and composition of the content of information and links to the forum;
    - For the use and publication references and information presented at the forum;
    - The consequences of which are directly or indirectly involved the use of the information on this site.

    Information for owners.

    If you are the copyright of any material, link (or links) which is available on this site, and would not want to spread this information by users without your consent, we will be happy to assist you by removing the appropriate links.

    This requires that you have sent us a letter (in electronic form) which indicated to us the following information:

    1. Documentary evidence of your rights to material protected by copyright:

    - Scanned document with the seal or
    - Email from the official e-mail domain of the company owner or
    - Other contact information, allows to uniquely identify you as the owner of the material.

    2. The text that you wish to place, accompanied by a removable media.

    Here you can specify where and under what conditions it is possible to obtain information on the links that have been removed, as well as your contact information, so that users can get from you all the needed information regarding this material.

    After that, within the next 48 hours, we will remove you are interested in links from the site.

    Our email: krasko_bilqrda2015@gmail.com


    a) We reserve the right to publish on the site of any information sent to us by mail krasko_bilqrda2015@gmail.com

    b) We do not control the preliminary actions of users who can re-post links to information, which is the object of your copyright. Any information the forum, a place automatically, according to the principle "as is", without any pre-moderation with any party. However, in any case we consider all your queries regarding the reference to information that violates your rights.

    c) According to the Law on Copyright and Related Rights, a reference to any data (information message), by itself, is not subject to copyright (although it may violate the "agreement on the use of the website"). Therefore, it is not necessary to send letters containing threats or demands, without a legal basis. Your requirements will be carefully considered by us and analyzied by our lawyer.

    For all legal matters, please contact at krasko_bilqrda2015@gmail.com

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